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Thoughts on Creativity – a sampler from TEDxRVA

The first-ever TEDxRVA event launched my mind, soaring skyward, fueled with inspiration, imagination, ideas, hope, new connections, and exciting possibilities. It is impossible to capture in one brief blog post the true spirit of the day… the full range of … Continue reading

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Writing leads to mental illness

A young Jewish film student from the Bronx walks into a bar with a Southern Baptist preacher, a Goth 7-Eleven clerk, and a gay vintage clothing storeowner. Sound like the setup for a corny joke? Actually, those are some of … Continue reading

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Good Fast Cheap

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Good. Fast. Cheap. Choose any two.” Recently, I heard a variation on the theme. It was in a commencement speech by Neil Gaiman at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Gaiman is a writer … Continue reading

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