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I am a child of God. His servant. I'm a producer, director, videographer, writer, and editor. My passion is putting words, sounds and pictures together to tell compelling stories.

What’s Wrong With Christian Filmmaking?

Originally posted on Thimblerig's Ark:
? This morning I read a review of the film God’s Not Dead over at, and was struck by the thesis of the review, which is found in the title, “God’s Not Dead but Christian…

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I’ve moved my blog

I’ve moved my blog to If you want to follow it and receive notices of new posts, please subscribe at Enter your email address in the box on the left side of the page. It’s free, of course, … Continue reading

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Life Lessons

I’m not old enough to be considered a wise old sage. In fact, even when I reach that age — whatever it is — I doubt I’ll be qualified. But these first six months of retirement have given me time … Continue reading

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Don’t worry about the pigs

There’s a story in the Gospel of Mark (chapter 5) about Jesus healing a man who was possessed by a legion on demons. He was so bad off that he lived out in a cemetery. He must have been dangerous. … Continue reading

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Just because you’re you

What if somebody threw a party for you, not to celebrate your birthday or retirement or any other significant milestone or achievement, but just because you’re you? Would you be suspicious, looking around waiting for the other shoe to drop? … Continue reading

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Shooting the Prodigal

Originally posted on First Things First:
By Nancy Mairs “Lights, camera, action!” wasn’t exactly the phrase David Powers expected to come to mind as he sat in a restaurant having breakfast during his sabbatical in January 2010. In fact, he…

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Talk doesn’t cook rice

“Talk doesn’t cook rice.” That Chinese proverb resonates with me because I’m an introvert and don’t especially enjoy chit-chat. I’m a get-it-done person who’s much more comfortable with checklists and action plans. When I’m “just talking” it feels like I’m … Continue reading

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